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Silver Lake Sand Dunes State Park Access
Open April 1st thru Oct 31

Off-roading can be fun and exciting for the whole family. Make it a safe experience for yourself and other park visitors. Please follow the rules that have been made for everyone's safety and security. Sand dunes are subject to rapid topographic changes resulting from winds and erosion. Be alert for steep inclines, changing slopes, natural hazards and/or sudden drop-offs. Always operate your vehicle at a safe speed and in a safe manner.
Silver Lake State Park ~ 9679 W State Park Road
Mears, Michigan 49436 ~ Ph: 231-873-3083

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Requirements

  • Michigan State Park Sticker
    buy online Here or call 517-373-9900 with a valid credit card and order your annual sticker by mail.
    Yearly-24.00 Residents, 29.00 non-resident
    Daily-6.00 residents, 8.00 non-resident
    Residency will be based on the motor vehicle license plate and fees for unlicensed vehicles (many ORVs) will be based on the vehicle's plate that brings them into the State Park
  • Michigan ORV sticker
    Only yearly-16.25 Buy online here
  • Dune flag
    10ft from ground
    orange flag rectangular 5" x 10"
    rear mount for quads and motorcycles
    front mount for all other vehicles
  • Vouchers required for Holidays and
    Weekends Memorial Day thru Labor Day
    Voucher distribution times: The voucher distribution point on Fox Road will open at 12 noon on Fridays for Dune Ready Vouchers and at 9:00 p.m. for Parking Lot Vouchers. The Voucher Center will be open as traffic and use require until at least 11 p.m. Fridays and re-open at 7 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday and Holidays. You may also purchase your State Park and ORV permits at the same location, which will continue to help speed up entry into the ORV Area. There is no cost for vouchers, and there are two different kinds. Parking lot vouchers only one per person and dune ready vouchers two per person. You must have on the voucher in ink the drivers name and licence number on the voucher before they will put the validation seal on it. If you are not in line at your voucher time they will not let you in. You will have to go back to the voucher center and get a voucher for later in the day. It might seem confusing the first time but it has really cut down on the lengh of the lines for entering the dunes. Now there is a big line for getting vouchers.
  • Sound Requirements
    not above 94 decibels
  • Exhaust Requirements
    All vehicles are required to have a muffler and spark arrester. Mufflers must contain baffles that meet U.S. Forest Service approval certification.
  • Licensing Required
    vehicle operators will be required to have a valid driver's license except for riders twelve years of age or older who possess a valid ORV Safety Certificate. These riders may only operate ATVs and motorcycles as the training certificate specifies, while under direct supervision of a parent or adult guardian. Driver's license or ORV Safety Training certification must be presented upon demand.
  • Vehicle Requirements
    seat belts and seat for every passenger
    roll bar or steel roof for 4x4's
    helmet & eye protection for cycles & atv's

Click here for lots more general rules

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